Sv. Filip i Jakov

Sveti Filip i Jakov is a small Dalmatian place situated by the sea.

Sv. Filip i Jakov

Municipality Sv. Filip i Jakov

The municipality of Sveti Filip i Jakov is located in the south-eastern part of the County of Zadar, covering 47.3 km2, with about 4.482 inhabitants in six settlements located along the coast and in the hinterland. These are: Donje Raštane, Gornje Raštane, Sikovo, Sveti Filip i Jakov, Sveti Petar and Turanj. The municipality except the mainland includes the island of three islands: Babac, Frmić and Planac. The islands are categorized as uninhabited, although on the island of Babac there are 10 permanent residents staying there throughout the year. Our accommodation units are located in Turanj.

Sv. Filip i Jakov

Sv. Filip i Jakov - Galešnjak

The Galešnjak (also known as the Island of In love, the Island of Love) is situated on the Pašman Channel between Pašman and Turanj on the mainland. The island has an area of 0.132 km2. The length of the coastline is 1.55 km.

Sv. Filip i Jakov

Sv. Filip i Jakov - beaches

Sv. Filip and Jakov has beaches of various species. The main beach of Banja stretches from the center of Sv. Filip i Jakov. The beach is ideal for those tourists who like to feel sand and rock under their feet. Welcome to Sv. Filip i Jakov!


  • Wifi Internet
  • Air conditioning
  • Linen, Towels
  • Dishes, Cutlery
  • Own terrace
  • Barbecue, Parking

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